iPerf is a medtech start-up created in 2021 to develop innovations in the field of cardiopulmonary assistance, thoracic and cardiovascular surgery.

iPerf has developed an innovative medical device to prevent serious and recurrent complications in patients receiving cardiopulmonary assistance via Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)…

… and thus, improve patient survival. Indeed, the occurrence of a complication linked to the use of ECMO is associated with serious sequelae, but also with a significant increase in mortality in the days that follow.

iPerf is developing a device invented by Professor Pierre Mordant, a thoracic and vascular surgeon specialising in thoracic oncology and lung transplantation at Hôpital Bichat in Paris (AP-HP, Université Paris-Cité).

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A propos de iPerf


Making ECMO safe – Improving patient survival.

At iPerf, we are convinced that the risks of permanent disability associated with the use of cardiopulmonary assistance via ECMO are unacceptable, for both patients and healthcare professionals.

iPerf is developing a disruptive solution that will make it possible to prevent these severe and frequent complications, and thus improve the survival of patients receiving such assistance.

iPerf was the brainchild of Professor Pierre Mordant, a thoracic and vascular surgeon, university professor and hospital practitioner at APHP and University Paris-Cité, who was confronted with this problem in the context of lung transplantation:
“I could no longer accept that a patient whose life had just been saved could leave hospital with a severe disability directly linked to the installation of cardiorespiratory assistance for the transplant”. Pr. Pierre Mordant.

The problem was clearly identified in all the centres using ECMO, and the source of these unacceptable risks was known… Pr. Mordant sought to find a solution and filed several patents.

iPerf is developing a new arterial ECMO cannula that allows practitioners to place the patient on cardiorespiratory assistance via ECMO, while eliminating the risk of ischaemia of the lower limb that could lead to the loss of the leg – with a potential benefit on the survival rate.




Shared ambitions


iPerf cannula technology combines several patented innovations in a single device: an integrated dual irrigation system, a device positioning and a securing mechanism.

Optimal blood flow to the patient’s upper body, and at the same time to the leg.

Double flow to prevent serious and too-frequent complications in the lower limb.

The two circulation channels, known as “lumens”, enable optimal irrigation of the patient’s upper body and leg, from the femoral artery in the patient’s groin, at a single puncture point. This second flow to the leg helps prevent serious and too-frequent ischemic complications in the lower limb.

General principle

The iPerf cannula is a femoral arterial cannula designed for extracorporeal circulation (CEC and ECMO), providing dual flow:

  • The primary flow irrigates the upper body
  • The secondary flow irrigates the cannulated leg to reduce the risk of ischemic complications.

Technologie / Fonctionnement de l'ancre

Anchor functioning

A deployable positioning anchor has been designed to secure the position of the secondary outlet in the artery. After checking for reflux of the secondary lumen, the practitioner deploys the anchor and secures the position of the cannula in the artery.
Capture d'écran 2024-05-03 100017

Cannula design

The design and materials of the innovative iPerf cannula have been optimized for easy insertion into the femoral artery. The practitioner then uses the ergonomic handle to test the reflux of the (main and) secondary lumen(s), deploy the positioning anchor, connect the cannula to the ECMO circuit, and set up double perfusion of the patient’s body and the cannulated limb.



The founders

Prof. Pierre MORDANT

MD, PhD, APHP Paris, Hôpital Bichat Paris

Professor Mordant is a renowned surgeon in the fields of thoracic and vascular surgery, specializing in lung transplantation. He is the inventor of the technology developed by iPerf.

He is heavily involved in R&D, clinical strategy and the development of a network of practitioners and opinion leaders, to ensure that his innovation, which brings considerable patient benefit, successfully passes all stages of development.



CEO of iPerf

Maya has over 15 years’ experience in Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity and listed market capital transactions (public offerings, IPOs, particularly of biotech and medtech companies). He has surrounded himself with experienced collaborators (engineering, regulatory and quality, clinical) and high-level partners, to form a multidisciplinary team capable of rapidly bringing iPerf’s innovation to market.


The team

Scientific Advisory Board

Strategic Board Members




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